Hello, my name is Ricky, kick off your shoes have a seat and let's talk hay. Allow me to introduce the rest of my family who are also involved in our farm. My wife's name is Becky, our son Michael and Emily Lou is our baby girl. All of us are active in our farm. I am a second generation hay farmer. We have 25 acres of Tifton and 35 acres of Russell Coastal Bermuda. Our farm is located on the banks of the Tennessee River in Northern Alabama about 20 miles west of Decatur.

   Understanding the need for quality hay, we bale our hay in small square bales which weight between 50 and 60 pounds.  We strive to meet the unique nutritional needs for horses, including the correct moisture level and as clean and weed free as possible. Our commitment to quality begins with soil tests analyzed by Auburn University's lab. Early  in the spring utilizing  A.U.'s recommendations we apply the needed amount of crop nutrients.

  Morris Family Hay Farm