Morris Family Hay Farm

We are committed to provide the highest quality hay while providing the best value for the customer as economics will allow.

1. To be open minded and continue to learn and adapt new practices, processes, or

      technique that will allow us to make a higher quality hay more economically.

2.  To develop a honest, open and trusting relationship that allows you to realize

       that you are not just a customer but you are truly a member of the Morris Family

       Hay Farm.

3.  To manage all land we farm in an environmentally friendly way. With the

       philosophy that we don't own the land but only by the blessing of the  creator

        we have been given the stewardship of the land for the next generation.


4.  To make all farming decisions based on the long term environmentally friendly

        benefits of the land and not to base the decisions on short term profits.

5. To build, operate and manage the business in a manner that will allow a third

      generation hay farmer to possibly come from the family.

In closing I would like to ask if you need hay or are looking for a different hay supplier, please give us a call (256-476-7463) , come by and check the hay out.  The  quality of the hay always speaks for itself.