Our customer's have exhausted our hay supply for 2017.

    Our season starts in June of each year until our hay supply is exhausted, please contact us in June for your hay need for 2018.

    The prices posted here are anticipated pricing and are subject to change, please call (256-476-7463) for the most recent pricing. Just a quick explanation about why the price may change.  We have fixed cost and what that means is we will spend $$$$$ amount of dollars on fertilizer, diesel fuel, equipment, repairs, and labor no matter if we have a bad year or a good year. Depending on the weather we may bale 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 bales of hay. Our cost will be about the same in either case. I'm sure you can see if we bale 15,000 bales we can charge much less per bale than if we bale 5,000 bales.  In the reverse case if we bale 5,000 bales my cost remains basically the same, then we will have to charge more to cover our expenses. If we don't cover our expenses most years we cant expect to remain in business very long. I'm sure most people know and understand this we only put this here to help explain to the people that may think hay suppliers are taking advantage of them in a drought year when they have to charge more. With that being said my anticipated prices will be as stated below for the 2016 season.

June thru the end of July........................$5.00

Aug. thru the end of Oct.........................$5.50 

Nov until sold out.......................................$6

     To provide you with the most value for your money spent we encourage you to buy our hay as early as possible after we begin harvesting . By buying early we can reduce our storage cost and pass the savings on to you.



  Morris Family Hay Farm